Playing with Masks at My Portland Boudoir Studio

I brought home some colorful masks from my last trip to the Philippines, and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my boudoir photo shoots even for just a few shots. This bride wanted my help with a Bridal Boudoir surprise gift for her groom-to-be on their wedding day, and that’s exactly what we did: He was surprised! //Model: Jamie

Bunn Salarzon - woman with gold mask at portland boudoir studio

A Windy Yet Sweet Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photo Shoot

I first met April when she commissioned me, on behalf of Nike, for 2011 Nike Sneaker Ball Portland. It was a super fun event with sneakers everywhere! Fast forward two years later, I met with April again … But, this time it would be on the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City for her “engagement photos.” Those words in quotations because Jamel didn’t officially propose until a few weeks after. (And the official bling ring? Jamel did GOOD!) Their tropical destination wedding is going to be so GOOD!

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