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As part of my Bunn’s Boudoir Sessions, I also offer Maternity Boudoir Sessions and we’d get to use this sheer fabric that was designed specifically for photography.


WHAT’S A MATERNITY BOUDOIR SESSION? When I was first approached by women inquiring about pregnancy boudoir photos, I was a bit hesitant about doing such sessions. After all, many of them were well into their third trimester of pregnancy, and I was more accustomed to photographing women who wanted to hide their bellies rather than show them off. But after a few maternity boudoir sessions, I came to realize what a beautiful thing we were doing … We weren’t trying to be sexy, but simply documenting one of life’s most amazing journeys. It was a far different approach from my regular boudoir sessions, but few things compare to the joy of capturing the first intimate moments as a mother bonds with her child. Allow me to capture the soft and romantic side of your pregnancy, I’d be honored.

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO SHOOT? The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around 28-34 weeks, when the tummy is nice and round. This will vary with each woman though because some women, who carry small or gain little weight, may choose to wait until they are 36-38 weeks. You want to come when you feel good, have a nice belly— but before the craziness begins! haha! Other women, who are growing a bit more rapidly, may choose to come around 28-32 weeks.

THE APHRODITE GOWN. As part of a Maternity Boudoir Session, we will also be using this delicate salmon/peach-colored sheer fabric from the Elouise Couture collection. This fabric is made specifically for photography and it’s perfect for showing off the shape of your pregnant belly as well as presenting the rest of you in all your radiant glory. It’s a one-size-fits-all piece, yet it looks different with every woman. (NOTE: gown not available for boudoir marathon sessions.)

GET YOUR GLAM OUTFIT. I think it’s important to include something that’s not lingerie in to your professional photo shoot; these are images that you could freely share with friends and family on social media without feeling at all shy about them. My hair and makeup artist will pamper you with your desired hair and makeup look so I would spend our time together by first photographing you in non-lingerie attire aka your “glam outfit.” And your next two outfits would be the “boudoir outfits.” Basically, there is really not much difference in a maternity boudoir session from a regular boudoir session— except, the only thing is for me to pose you showing off your belly.

BABY DOLL LINGERIE. Yes, the same baby doll lingerie that looks great on you when you’re not pregnant looks every bit as wonderful on you when you are. Go figure!  Pun intended. The fabric of your baby doll outfit is critical: If you go heavy, it can tend to add weight on you. Therefore, thinner, lighter fabric is always better … Examples of the perfect baby doll lingerie can be found on my Maternity Boudoir Photography Gallery.

BRING MEANINGFUL PROPS. I don’t generally like to use props in my photography style, however, I think a few good props do quite well with my Maternity Boudoir Sessions. I encourage you to bring an item or two that will coordinate with the theme of your photo shoot. These can include a bouquet of helium balloons, a floral crown (it works super well with the Aphrodite Gown for a whimsical look!), or a sailboat if you’re having a nautical nursery theme … Just a few ideas to get you brainstorming.

INCLUDE YOUR SPOUSE. If this isn’t a surprise for your husband, then feel free to include him … I would treat this as a mix of Maternity plus Couples Boudoir and always keep it classy. I know that most men may not be in to an intimate kind of photography, but just ask him and we’ll go from there. ;)


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1. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST NUDE PHOTOS: False! Everyone has their own fantasy about how they want their boudoir images to look like and most of my clients don’t come to me for nude photos. I do offer fine art nudity and when I do those shots, I treat them with extra care because the wrong angle can be the difference between a stunning, artistic shot and something trashy. You and I will have a consultation of the best approach to these poses and keep them classy.

2. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS FOR PRETTY, YOUNG & SKINNY GIRLS: False! This is so wrong and I love that I’m proving it. I have photographed so many different types of women from petite to curvy, and from college coeds and great-grandmothers to women in their last trimester of pregnancy. Every single one of them was beautiful. They trusted me to capture their true beauty and to give them a tangible reminder of a day they felt most beautiful.

3. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS LINGERIE: False! Look at a men’s magazine or search online for boudoir photography and you're likely to see nothing but skimpy lingerie photos. But, Boudoir Photography has evolved beyond skimpy lingerie. My clients come to me because they don’t want to always wear lingerie. I’ve photographed confident women in their pajamas or what they wear when they lounge around their home on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s what they feel good in and it shows. Sometimes, we women feel that we NEED to wear what everyone else wears in magazines, but all it really does is make you feel uncomfortable about yourself which shows in the photos. Wear what you want to wear, not what you think it is expected or what someone else would like.

4. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ONLY SHOT ON THE BED: False! What is Boudoir? The term Boudoir is a French word defined by Merriam-Webster as “a woman’s bedroom or private room.” You may have only seen boudoir photos that were shot on a bed or only in the bedroom. I find this rather boring. Let’s utilize the entire home, or let's go outside and shoot in the middle of a secluded open field. These settings will allow you to be yourself and not confined in one room.

5. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS GOING TO BE ALL OVER THE INTERNET: False! In my photo contract with my clients, I state that I won’t share any of their images without their written permission. I respect your privacy 100% and would never break the trust you’ve bestowed on me. What you see online of women I have photographed are clients who have modeled for a specific shoot. And some images are from the client’s actual photo session, which they have granted me full permission to share. Everything I do from start to finish is password-protected.

6. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST A TREND: False! Creating beautiful images of women has been around since the Stone Age, we are just using better tools nowadays (haha!). Boudoir Photography has evolved from Pinups to Glamour Shots, but one thing has never changed: a beautiful image is timeless.

7. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS SOMETHING YOU DO ONCE: False! I have a handful of clients who have returned for a second and even a third boudoir photo session by me. They tell me it’s addicting because they feel pretty good about themselves and they get tastefully done pictures to show for it.

8. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST A GIFT FOR YOUR MAN: False! While many of my clients are brides who come to me for a Bridal Boudoir surprise for their groom on wedding day, it’s not always the only reason women request a boudoir photo session. I love it when a client tells me that she’s doing this for herself because she wants to look back on these images 10, and 20 years from now and say, “Wow, I looked hot!” Some of my clients have just lost a ton of weight so they want to celebrate with a photo session with me. Others want my help to create beautiful images of their changing body as they get closer to their baby’s due date. Most of my clients are nurses who work super long hours taking care of others that they don’t always have the time to take care of themselves. So, this is their day to be well-taken care of. I’ve also had a grandmother book me for a private Girls Next Door Boudoir Party with her grandchildren, she’s also a great-grandmother to their children! Everyone has their own reason for wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot. Whatever your reason, I know it is meaningful to you, and I want to help you celebrate your day in grand style!

9. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS EXPENSIVE: False! There’s a photographer for every budget ... Like anything else you buy, the better the quality the more it costs. For me, I'm not just selling images, I am offering a luxe experience ... The images I create are a byproduct of the overall experience. I want you to walk away from your photo shoot feeling more confident than before you arrived.

10. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT FOR SHY GIRLS: False! I’ve photographed hundreds of different types of women and I never know what I get until after their hair and makeup is done by one of my professional hair and makeup artists. Yes, everyone is nervous when they first arrive for their session— I get nervous, too! It’s just part of who I am. But, once the hair and makeup is done, it awakens something inside them that maybe they have never seen before or have lost sight of it some time ago. I’ve had a teacher who totally surprised me! She walked in shy, but walked out looking and feeling like a model who belonged on the cover of a magazine. When she saw her pictures, she was beyond thrilled She couldn’t believe it was her. Another one of my shy clients looked so hot that her husband took her “little black book” (an album of 20 of her favorite images) that she gifted to him and showed it to all his co-workers, “Look at MY wife!” Remember, this is an experience for you to cherish. That’s why I do what I do.

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1. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Anything you want or nothing at all. :) Remember: These images represent your desires; my tips are merely a blueprint of what usually works best with my photography style: bright, soft, and romantic. What works well with this style is lace materials (such as lace robes or face masks), classic and timeless outfits (such as high-waist bottoms or boy shorts, one-piece swim/bodysuit), and things of that nature. Of course, what you wear will determine what your images will look like: If you want to appear slimmer in photos, then don’t wear anything that would give you the opposite effect. Do you have a belly? Then I strongly suggest high-waist bottoms; a scoop bottom will only expose that unwanted area, and you wouldn't want to pose on your belly the entire time.

2. SHOULD I WEAR MY HUSBAND’S SHIRT? Again, it’s totally up to you what you want to wear, so wear whatever makes you feel good. But, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the fact that men are built square like blocks, no matter what size they are. We women, on the other hand, have curves and should celebrate them. Finding a “husband’s work shirt” in your own size would be much better and sexier, just add his favorite necktie! Wearing blocky clothes made for men will only make you look bigger than you really are. Men are square (haha!).

3. COULD I SHOOT IN MORE THAN 2 OUTFITS? There is simply no time once we start taking photos. Each session runs 60 minutes, which includes the time it takes for you to change from one outfit to the next. Do you really want to waste your time changing outfits? I didn't think so. ;) Also, it will take you at least 30 minutes to “settle in to” each outfit, and by that I mean in front of the camera.

4. CAN I DO MORE THAN 1 HAIR AND MAKEUP LOOK? As in the previous question about outfits, we do not have the time. A boudoir marathon consists of back to back photo shoots from one client to the next. There is only one makeup and hair artist and she is not able to provide special requests outside of the session fee. If you would like more than one look, and double the outfit changes, then you can book us for a private session for another date.

5. DO YOU PHOTOSHOP AT ALL? Yes, for all final print orders I do full edits before they get printed in your photo album, canvas wrap or portfolio print. I will retouch any stretch mark or other blemish, unwanted scar or flyaway hair, wrinkles, etc. However, if you want extensive retouching done on your images — such as making your arms (or any other body parts) “skinnier” or smoothing out your wrinkled clothing in Photoshop — then that’s an additional $50 per image.

6. DO YOU OFFER COUPLES BOUDOIR OR PHOTOGRAPHY FOR MEN? Yes, but it is only offered in a private photo session not a boudoir marathon... because a Bunn’s Boudoir Marathon is an all-girls event.

7. CAN I BRING MY BOYFRIEND TO WATCH? Again, this is an all-girls event, so for the safety and comfort of everyone onsite: NO BOYS ALLOWED. In the past, I have allowed a boyfriend/husband onsite and it was one of my biggest regrets. I have clients with different comfort levels and they’re already nervous for their first professional photo shoot. I do not wish to add additional stress on them and ruining their experience. If you want to have your guy at the photo shoot, then you can book a private session with me. I'll be happy to allow them onsite.

8. CAN YOU COPY THESE IMAGES ON PINTEREST? I would like to think that you booked me because you trust that I can do my job well, and the way I do my job well is by shooting my own style, which is bright, soft, and romantic. If we spend our time trying to copy another photographer's style, then (in the end) we will both end up disappointed. As an artist, I see things a certain way, I don’t know how to see things like other photographers. Plus, Pinterest has a huge collection of thousands and thousands of photography styles, so it's unrealistic that any one photographer can copy an entire Pinterest board of perfect images.

9. WHAT IF I AM RUNNING LATE ... CAN I RESCHEDULE MY SHOOT? Unfortunately, the [short] answer is: NO... You would have to forfeit your prepaid session fee (it’s nonrefundable). But, the long answer is: YES... You can reschedule for an additional $150 fee, and your shoot would have to be done in your own home, or you can book a hotel room (at your own expense). I realize circumstances beyond one's control can prevent you from making it to your photo session on time, but you must understand that a boudoir marathon is such a meticulous setup, that missing your session affects other clients and the makeup artist’s time and income as well as my own. Hence, the reschedule fee.

10. WHY DO I NEED TO SIGN A PHOTO CONTRACT? I run a legitimate photography business and it’s an absolute necessity to have a signed photo contract before I perform any work on the assignment. The photo contract was created by my attorney to protect me (the artist) as well as you (the client).

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1. WEAR CONFIDENCE. This will be the most important thing you could ever “wear,” per se. I know that sounds kind of silly, however, it’s probably the best boudoir photo tip I can give you. All you need to know is that you deserve this experience, and that you are every bit as beautiful as the women you see in magazines … It’s true.

2. CUT OUT THE SODIUM. Avoid as much salt as possible the days/weeks before your shoot. Sodium makes us retain water which makes us look larger than we are. Cutting out the sodium and eating clean food (with plenty of water and lemon!), will not only help you slim down for your photo shoot, but will help your skin look its best! (What to eat before your boudoir photography session?) Please consider eating something sometime before your session because you’ll need a lot of good energy for it— not eating at all is not good for anyone. Try a tuna sandwich, protein shake or bars, bananas for potassium, or hard-boiled eggs.

3. SMIZE LIKE TYRA BANKS. If you’re a fan of “America’s Next Top Model” then you know exactly what it means to “smile with your eyes.” If Tyra Banks is right about anything, it’s this: A smize can mean the difference between an okay photo and an amazing photo. Practice your smize in the mirror often and then you will be ready for your closeups! It’s all in the eyes. Along with smizing, consider yoga or Pilates to help stretch your body; some of the poses I will direct you in may require extra stamina. You won’t believe how much your body goes through during a photo shoot— it’s not easy being a model! (Follow my blog for more Boudoir Photo Session Tips.)

4. FORGET PHOTOSHOP! In this digital era, we have become all too dependent on photo-editing. A lot of people will ask, “You can just Photoshop that out, right?” Today, my answer is: NO. We need to get it right in camera and not even think about Photoshop. Do you have a bad tan line? Let’s get that fixed before your photo shoot. Hate your belly? Then consider a high-waist bottom. The look is not only super timeless and sexy, but it usually covers our trouble areas, aka “the muffin top.” I’m not a fan of corsets because all they do is cinch your belly in— but, all that unwanted skin has to go somewhere and it usually flows out at the top and bottom of the corset. (Yikes!!) I’ve photographed a super petite woman in a corset and the extra skin came out at the top which was super hard to Photoshop.

5. FIX THE UNWANTED STUFF. Are your hair roots not the color you want? Take care of that at least a week before your photo shoot so your hair has time to settle in. (You don’t want to show up the day after a fresh haircut that you may not like.) How are your nails? Get that manicure and pedicure so you’re flawless from head to toe. Want whiter teeth? More tan? Waxing? Basically, don’t forget about those little details when putting together your outfits because they matter.

6. TRY ON EVERYTHING. Imagine yourself standing in front of a 360-degree mirror, with every detail of your body on display. That’s just what it’s like being in front of a camera as a camera will pick up details and angles you never knew you had. Be sure to try on every single item before the day of your photo shoot. The worst thing you can do is bring outfits that don’t fit you well; such discomfort will make you feel subconscious and it will show in your photos. I’ve had clients arrive with brand-new outfits — with the price tags still on! — only to find out that they didn’t fit very well at all, so we were left with nothing. (Bring more than what you think you’ll need, just in case.) Important Reminder: Do the Sit Test. For anything that wrinkles easily, please be sure they are on hangers, because wrinkled clothes do not get fixed in Photoshop.

7. BRING A GOOD FRIEND. Bring your best friend to be your cheerleader— we’ll make it a party! (But, boys are not allowed at boudoir marathons).

8. GET LOTS OF SLEEP! This is probably one of the top tips to get the most out of your photo session. When you get enough sleep, your face is fresh and entire body look and feel rejuvenated, and ready for your closeups. You don’t want those red eyes or dark circles. Again, don’t go thinking that Photoshop is the answer to everything … It all begins with you.

9. BORROW SOMETHING. Too many times, we go out and buy what we think we have to have … But, what I learned from a client was: borrow everything you need! Do you have friends the same size as you? Then rummage through her closet and find what would work beautifully for your body type. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that you may never wear again after your photo shoot. That’s just unnecessary stress; you’ve already invested in the photo session, so don’t spend more than you need to on something that can be easily borrowed. (Save your money and go travel the world, or something like that. haha!)

10. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. This should be Tip #1 because it would greatly improve your self-confidence: So many times I’ve seen clients come in with a new tan, new sexy outfits, new heels, new mani/pedi, and new hair extensions/wigs. But, despite all these expensive things to wear for their sexy photos they forget the one most important thing that will guarantee the best pictures of them: GOOD SKIN!! Sure, I have some of the best professional makeup artists onsite to help clients get glammed for their photo shoot, but the one thing that neither the makeup artist or I can do is fix bad skin— even Photoshop will just make them look fake. Clear skin starts with you! I’ve got access to a major skincare line that could help you better prepare from the inside-out in a matter of weeks; please contact me and we can chat in more details!

Bunn Salarzon - beautiful blonde woman lying on bed


“Having my hair and makeup done by Powder Inc. for the shoot makes me feel so spoiled and pampered, almost like a spa day. When it’s time for the shoot, Bunn makes me feel so comfortable. I felt like I was hanging out with a girlfriend in sexy clothes while having my photos taken (that’s how comfortable she makes me feel).” —Victoria (2x Boudoir Client, 1x Bunn’s Bride, 1x Maternity Boudoir Client)

Tips & Timeline for a Boudoir Marathon Session

WHAT’S A BOUDOIR MARATHON? A boudoir marathon session (Bunn’s Boudoir on Tour) is a semi-private mini experience, fast-paced block of photo sessions that happen back to back in one day— typically, five sessions per day in one weekend. This setup allows us to take advantage of nicer locations that we might not otherwise have access to, which in turn sets my photography apart from the average boudoir photo shoot that is typically shot in a hotel. A boudoir marathon offers the biggest bang for your buck. However, it will only be hosted in select cities so be sure you signup for my Newsletter, follow me on Facebook and Instagram account for updates.

GETTING YOUR HAIR & MAKEUP DONE. When you arrive at your scheduled session time, you will be greeted by me personally or my assistant. We will hand you off to our onsite professional hair and makeup artist to start your beauty consultation and finalize your desired look (one “look” per session). Don’t worry about bringing your own makeup supply because she will have everything you would possibly need, including the best sexy false eyelashes! In the 90 minutes that follow, you will be pampered, sipping on wine/champagne, and nibbling on fresh fruit that we will provide. Consider it a mini spa day and just relax and enjoy it. After all, you deserve it!

IMPORTANT OUTFIT TIP: Please wear something loose for your time in the makeup chair, ie. track suit with a zip front, something that you can easily remove without messing up your finished hair and makeup. (Keep in mind you’ll be sitting for over an hour, so be careful with bra straps et al that might leave marks on your skin.)

BUNN’S BOUDOIR WHAT TO WEAR: After your hair and makeup is completed, I will come retrieve you to start your photo shoot with me and another client will take your place in the makeup chair. Each marathon session runs like clockwork, which is why it is so very important that you arrive on time for your session and be ready to go. You and I will quickly sort through your outfits that you’ve brought. (I encourage you to bring along 3-5 different looks that we will narrow down to two outfits total.) Plus, my stylist will be onsite with her own wardrobe rack to personally assist you with your outfits from head to toe!

SHOOTING WITH BUNN. Your photo shoot from start to finish will run 60 minutes. Then we will send you home with lots of hugs and will stay in touch with you over the next 14 days to let you know when your images are ready. I will invite you back to my Boudoir Studio (or Skype video chat) for a private viewing of your proof images. Bring a friend along and we’ll make it a viewing party with some wine!

BOUDOIR MARATHON TIMELINE: This is why it’s called a Boudoir Marathon, we run a tight ship here! (NOTE: each session will run a total of 2½ hours long.)
SESSION 1 (8AM): starts Hair & Makeup Session; shoots at 9:30 AM.
SESSION 2 (9:30 AM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 1 ends; shoots at 11AM.
SESSION 3 (11AM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 2 ends; shoots at 12:30 PM.
SESSION 4 (12:30 PM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 3 ends; shoots at 2PM.
SESSION 5 (2PM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 4 ends; shoots at 3:30 PM.