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“Having my hair and makeup done by Powder Inc. for the shoot makes me feel so spoiled and pampered, almost like a spa day. When it’s time for the shoot, Bunn makes me feel so comfortable. I felt like I was hanging out with a girlfriend in sexy clothes while having my photos taken (that’s how comfortable she makes me feel).” —Victoria (2x Boudoir Client, 1x Bunn’s Bride, 1x Maternity Boudoir Client)

Tips & Timeline for a Boudoir Marathon Session

WHAT’S A BOUDOIR MARATHON? A boudoir marathon session (Bunn’s Boudoir on Tour) is a semi-private mini experience, fast-paced block of photo sessions that happen back to back in one day— typically, five sessions per day in one weekend. This setup allows us to take advantage of nicer locations that we might not otherwise have access to, which in turn sets my photography apart from the average boudoir photo shoot that is typically shot in a hotel. A boudoir marathon offers the biggest bang for your buck. However, it will only be hosted in select cities so be sure you signup for my Newsletter, follow me on Facebook and Instagram account for updates.

GETTING YOUR HAIR & MAKEUP DONE. When you arrive at your scheduled session time, you will be greeted by me personally or my assistant. We will hand you off to our onsite professional hair and makeup artist to start your beauty consultation and finalize your desired look (one “look” per session). Don’t worry about bringing your own makeup supply because she will have everything you would possibly need, including the best sexy false eyelashes! In the 90 minutes that follow, you will be pampered, sipping on wine/champagne, and nibbling on fresh fruit that we will provide. Consider it a mini spa day and just relax and enjoy it. After all, you deserve it!

IMPORTANT OUTFIT TIP: Please wear something loose for your time in the makeup chair, ie. track suit with a zip front, something that you can easily remove without messing up your finished hair and makeup. (Keep in mind you’ll be sitting for over an hour, so be careful with bra straps et al that might leave marks on your skin.)

BUNN’S BOUDOIR WHAT TO WEAR: After your hair and makeup is completed, I will come retrieve you to start your photo shoot with me and another client will take your place in the makeup chair. Each marathon session runs like clockwork, which is why it is so very important that you arrive on time for your session and be ready to go. You and I will quickly sort through your outfits that you’ve brought. (I encourage you to bring along 3-5 different looks that we will narrow down to two outfits total.) Plus, my stylist will be onsite with her own wardrobe rack to personally assist you with your outfits from head to toe!

SHOOTING WITH BUNN. Your photo shoot from start to finish will run 60 minutes. Then we will send you home with lots of hugs and will stay in touch with you over the next 14 days to let you know when your images are ready. I will invite you back to my Boudoir Studio (or Skype video chat) for a private viewing of your proof images. Bring a friend along and we’ll make it a viewing party with some wine!

BOUDOIR MARATHON TIMELINE: This is why it’s called a Boudoir Marathon, we run a tight ship here! (NOTE: each session will run a total of 2½ hours long.)
SESSION 1 (8AM): starts Hair & Makeup Session; shoots at 9:30 AM.
SESSION 2 (9:30 AM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 1 ends; shoots at 11AM.
SESSION 3 (11AM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 2 ends; shoots at 12:30 PM.
SESSION 4 (12:30 PM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 3 ends; shoots at 2PM.
SESSION 5 (2PM): starts Hair & Makeup Session after Session 4 ends; shoots at 3:30 PM.

Hawaiian Boudoir Photography by Bunn Salarzon

This collection of boudoir pictures was shot on the gorgeous beaches of Oahu … Boudoir on the Beach is what I hope to do more of whenever I visit the island. However, a boudoir photo shoot is not complete without makeup, so Jein King — a professional hair and makeup artist from Portland, Oregon and who is also a native of Oahu — will make sure that you’re picture-perfect for your closeups on the beach … Who wants to shoot with me on Hawaii?? (Model: Jennifer Brotchie)

Bunn Salarzon - gorgeous woman standing on rocky beach in hawaiiBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman sitting on beach in hawaiiBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman sitting on sand in hawaiiBunn Salarzon - hawaiian beach photographyBunn Salarzon - hawaiian boudoir photography on the beachBunn Salarzon - oahu beach photoBunn Salarzon - closeup of womanBunn Salarzon - oahu portrait photographerBunn Salarzon - woman running on beach in hawaiiBunn Salarzon - woman holding pink umbrella on beach in oahuBunn Salarzon - brunette posing on beach in hawaii

Classic Black and White Boudoir Photography

Through my black and white boudoir photography, each image is forced to speak for itself. Lighting and composition simply complement each subject, creating images of timeless beauty that you will love to share. //Model: Jarin //Shoot Location: In her home. //Hair & Makeup by Jein King

Bunn Salarzon - classic pinup poseBunn Salarzon - woman sitting on office deskBunn Salarzon - black and white picturesBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman lying down reading bookBunn Salarzon - beautiful brunette checking herself in mirrorBunn Salarzon - black and white images of brunette doing hair in mirrorBunn Salarzon - gorgeous woman sitting on floorBunn Salarzon - brunette adjusting black lingerieBunn Salarzon - black and white boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - sexy photos of woman in black lingerieBunn Salarzon - lovely woman lying on bed in black lingerie

Bunn Salarzon - boudoir photography tips for clients

Boudoir Photography Tips for Clients

Did I mention that I got to photograph the former Mrs. Houston aka Mrs. Texas, Rebecca Paloma?! She is even more stunning in person — without makeup; her beauty was even more enhanced by her super talented sister, Lynda Esparza aka Hollywood’s celebrity makeup artist! Rebecca has modeled professionally for years, so she made this pose appear easy to do; but, I’ve learned that it’s a different result for every client. I asked her to hold her head up just a little above the bed sheet because I didn’t want to lose the right side of her face or allow it to get squished. (Plus, have to be careful not to smear the makeup away!) NOTE: Women with a larger bust will have to be careful not to lie their heads all the way down or else they will look super awkward. In that case, I’ll have you crouch your body inward rather than lay flat. Or, follow my blog for more Boudoir Photo Session Tips.


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Tasteful Boudoir Photography is NOT a Taboo

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, “Why don’t you do boudoir photography at The Nines Hotel anymore?” My answer is this: What I do is tasteful and empowering for women, yet most hotels treat it as though it is taboo. I am too grown up to tiptoe around as if I’m ashamed of what I do— I am not. So I’ve basically checked out of using fancy hotels for my boudoir settings. I take great pride in being able to create beautiful boudoir photography that can be shot in my studio or in the comfort of your own home (provided I have adequate light, etc). Who needs room service anyhow?? //Model: Caroline, shot on location in Houston, Texas.

These images are 100% un-retouched because Caroline didn’t need it. She has CONFIDENCE. //Makeup by Lynda Esparza (Hollywood’s elite celebrity makeup artist).

Bunn Salarzon - beautiful shot of woman leaning on wall

Bunn Salarzon - tasteful boudoir photography in houstonBunn Salarzon - sexy woman posing on chairBunn Salarzon - woman dancing on bedBunn Salarzon - woman with curve sitting on floorBunn Salarzon - curvy woman sitting on balconyBunn Salarzon - curvy woman in classy boudoir posesBunn Salarzon - stunning shot of woman standing on balconyBunn Salarzon - curvy woman sitting on bedBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman with purple hair dancing on bed