Bunn’s Boudoir Marathon FAQs

Bunn Salarzon - sexy woman with blue hair lying on bed


1. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Anything you want or nothing at all. :) Remember: These images represent your desires; my tips are merely a blueprint of what usually works best with my photography style: bright, soft, and romantic. What works well with this style is lace materials (such as lace robes or face masks), classic and timeless outfits (such as high-waist bottoms or boy shorts, one-piece swim/bodysuit), and things of that nature. Of course, what you wear will determine what your images will look like: If you want to appear slimmer in photos, then don’t wear anything that would give you the opposite effect. Do you have a belly? Then I strongly suggest high-waist bottoms; a scoop bottom will only expose that unwanted area, and you wouldn't want to pose on your belly the entire time.

2. SHOULD I WEAR MY HUSBAND’S SHIRT? Again, it’s totally up to you what you want to wear, so wear whatever makes you feel good. But, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the fact that men are built square like blocks, no matter what size they are. We women, on the other hand, have curves and should celebrate them. Finding a “husband’s work shirt” in your own size would be much better and sexier, just add his favorite necktie! Wearing blocky clothes made for men will only make you look bigger than you really are. Men are square (haha!).

3. COULD I SHOOT IN MORE THAN 2 OUTFITS? There is simply no time once we start taking photos. Each session runs 60 minutes, which includes the time it takes for you to change from one outfit to the next. Do you really want to waste your time changing outfits? I didn't think so. ;) Also, it will take you at least 30 minutes to “settle in to” each outfit, and by that I mean in front of the camera.

4. CAN I DO MORE THAN 1 HAIR AND MAKEUP LOOK? As in the previous question about outfits, we do not have the time. A boudoir marathon consists of back to back photo shoots from one client to the next. There is only one makeup and hair artist and she is not able to provide special requests outside of the session fee. If you would like more than one look, and double the outfit changes, then you can book us for a private session for another date.

5. DO YOU PHOTOSHOP AT ALL? Yes, for all final print orders I do full edits before they get printed in your photo album, canvas wrap or portfolio print. I will retouch any stretch mark or other blemish, unwanted scar or flyaway hair, wrinkles, etc. However, if you want extensive retouching done on your images — such as making your arms (or any other body parts) “skinnier” or smoothing out your wrinkled clothing in Photoshop — then that’s an additional $50 per image.

6. DO YOU OFFER COUPLES BOUDOIR OR PHOTOGRAPHY FOR MEN? Yes, but it is only offered in a private photo session not a boudoir marathon... because a Bunn’s Boudoir Marathon is an all-girls event.

7. CAN I BRING MY BOYFRIEND TO WATCH? Again, this is an all-girls event, so for the safety and comfort of everyone onsite: NO BOYS ALLOWED. In the past, I have allowed a boyfriend/husband onsite and it was one of my biggest regrets. I have clients with different comfort levels and they’re already nervous for their first professional photo shoot. I do not wish to add additional stress on them and ruining their experience. If you want to have your guy at the photo shoot, then you can book a private session with me. I'll be happy to allow them onsite.

8. CAN YOU COPY THESE IMAGES ON PINTEREST? I would like to think that you booked me because you trust that I can do my job well, and the way I do my job well is by shooting my own style, which is bright, soft, and romantic. If we spend our time trying to copy another photographer's style, then (in the end) we will both end up disappointed. As an artist, I see things a certain way, I don’t know how to see things like other photographers. Plus, Pinterest has a huge collection of thousands and thousands of photography styles, so it's unrealistic that any one photographer can copy an entire Pinterest board of perfect images.

9. WHAT IF I AM RUNNING LATE ... CAN I RESCHEDULE MY SHOOT? Unfortunately, the [short] answer is: NO... You would have to forfeit your prepaid session fee (it’s nonrefundable). But, the long answer is: YES... You can reschedule for an additional $150 fee, and your shoot would have to be done in your own home, or you can book a hotel room (at your own expense). I realize circumstances beyond one's control can prevent you from making it to your photo session on time, but you must understand that a boudoir marathon is such a meticulous setup, that missing your session affects other clients and the makeup artist’s time and income as well as my own. Hence, the reschedule fee.

10. WHY DO I NEED TO SIGN A PHOTO CONTRACT? I run a legitimate photography business and it’s an absolute necessity to have a signed photo contract before I perform any work on the assignment. The photo contract was created by my attorney to protect me (the artist) as well as you (the client).