Top 10 Tips for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Bunn Salarzon - gallery of sexy woman with green hair


1. WEAR CONFIDENCE. This will be the most important thing you could ever “wear,” per se. I know that sounds kind of silly, however, it’s probably the best boudoir photo tip I can give you. All you need to know is that you deserve this experience, and that you are every bit as beautiful as the women you see in magazines … It’s true.

2. CUT OUT THE SODIUM. Avoid as much salt as possible the days/weeks before your shoot. Sodium makes us retain water which makes us look larger than we are. Cutting out the sodium and eating clean food (with plenty of water and lemon!), will not only help you slim down for your photo shoot, but will help your skin look its best! (What to eat before your boudoir photography session?) Please consider eating something sometime before your session because you’ll need a lot of good energy for it— not eating at all is not good for anyone. Try a tuna sandwich, protein shake or bars, bananas for potassium, or hard-boiled eggs.

3. SMIZE LIKE TYRA BANKS. If you’re a fan of “America’s Next Top Model” then you know exactly what it means to “smile with your eyes.” If Tyra Banks is right about anything, it’s this: A smize can mean the difference between an okay photo and an amazing photo. Practice your smize in the mirror often and then you will be ready for your closeups! It’s all in the eyes. Along with smizing, consider yoga or Pilates to help stretch your body; some of the poses I will direct you in may require extra stamina. You won’t believe how much your body goes through during a photo shoot— it’s not easy being a model! (Follow my blog for more Boudoir Photo Session Tips.)

4. FORGET PHOTOSHOP! In this digital era, we have become all too dependent on photo-editing. A lot of people will ask, “You can just Photoshop that out, right?” Today, my answer is: NO. We need to get it right in camera and not even think about Photoshop. Do you have a bad tan line? Let’s get that fixed before your photo shoot. Hate your belly? Then consider a high-waist bottom. The look is not only super timeless and sexy, but it usually covers our trouble areas, aka “the muffin top.” I’m not a fan of corsets because all they do is cinch your belly in— but, all that unwanted skin has to go somewhere and it usually flows out at the top and bottom of the corset. (Yikes!!) I’ve photographed a super petite woman in a corset and the extra skin came out at the top which was super hard to Photoshop.

5. FIX THE UNWANTED STUFF. Are your hair roots not the color you want? Take care of that at least a week before your photo shoot so your hair has time to settle in. (You don’t want to show up the day after a fresh haircut that you may not like.) How are your nails? Get that manicure and pedicure so you’re flawless from head to toe. Want whiter teeth? More tan? Waxing? Basically, don’t forget about those little details when putting together your outfits because they matter.

6. TRY ON EVERYTHING. Imagine yourself standing in front of a 360-degree mirror, with every detail of your body on display. That’s just what it’s like being in front of a camera as a camera will pick up details and angles you never knew you had. Be sure to try on every single item before the day of your photo shoot. The worst thing you can do is bring outfits that don’t fit you well; such discomfort will make you feel subconscious and it will show in your photos. I’ve had clients arrive with brand-new outfits — with the price tags still on! — only to find out that they didn’t fit very well at all, so we were left with nothing. (Bring more than what you think you’ll need, just in case.) Important Reminder: Do the Sit Test. For anything that wrinkles easily, please be sure they are on hangers, because wrinkled clothes do not get fixed in Photoshop.

7. BRING A GOOD FRIEND. Bring your best friend to be your cheerleader— we’ll make it a party! (But, boys are not allowed at boudoir marathons).

8. GET LOTS OF SLEEP! This is probably one of the top tips to get the most out of your photo session. When you get enough sleep, your face is fresh and entire body look and feel rejuvenated, and ready for your closeups. You don’t want those red eyes or dark circles. Again, don’t go thinking that Photoshop is the answer to everything … It all begins with you.

9. BORROW SOMETHING. Too many times, we go out and buy what we think we have to have … But, what I learned from a client was: borrow everything you need! Do you have friends the same size as you? Then rummage through her closet and find what would work beautifully for your body type. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that you may never wear again after your photo shoot. That’s just unnecessary stress; you’ve already invested in the photo session, so don’t spend more than you need to on something that can be easily borrowed. (Save your money and go travel the world, or something like that. haha!)

10. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. This should be Tip #1 because it would greatly improve your self-confidence: So many times I’ve seen clients come in with a new tan, new sexy outfits, new heels, new mani/pedi, and new hair extensions/wigs. But, despite all these expensive things to wear for their sexy photos they forget the one most important thing that will guarantee the best pictures of them: GOOD SKIN!! Sure, I have some of the best professional makeup artists onsite to help clients get glammed for their photo shoot, but the one thing that neither the makeup artist or I can do is fix bad skin— even Photoshop will just make them look fake. Clear skin starts with you! I’ve got access to a major skincare line that could help you better prepare from the inside-out in a matter of weeks; please contact me and we can chat in more details!