The Top 10 Myths About Boudoir Photography

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1. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST NUDE PHOTOS: False! Everyone has their own fantasy about how they want their boudoir images to look like and most of my clients don’t come to me for nude photos. I do offer fine art nudity and when I do those shots, I treat them with extra care because the wrong angle can be the difference between a stunning, artistic shot and something trashy. You and I will have a consultation of the best approach to these poses and keep them classy.

2. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS FOR PRETTY, YOUNG & SKINNY GIRLS: False! This is so wrong and I love that I’m proving it. I have photographed so many different types of women from petite to curvy, and from college coeds and great-grandmothers to women in their last trimester of pregnancy. Every single one of them was beautiful. They trusted me to capture their true beauty and to give them a tangible reminder of a day they felt most beautiful.

3. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS LINGERIE: False! Look at a men’s magazine or search online for boudoir photography and you're likely to see nothing but skimpy lingerie photos. But, Boudoir Photography has evolved beyond skimpy lingerie. My clients come to me because they don’t want to always wear lingerie. I’ve photographed confident women in their pajamas or what they wear when they lounge around their home on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s what they feel good in and it shows. Sometimes, we women feel that we NEED to wear what everyone else wears in magazines, but all it really does is make you feel uncomfortable about yourself which shows in the photos. Wear what you want to wear, not what you think it is expected or what someone else would like.

4. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ONLY SHOT ON THE BED: False! What is Boudoir? The term Boudoir is a French word defined by Merriam-Webster as “a woman’s bedroom or private room.” You may have only seen boudoir photos that were shot on a bed or only in the bedroom. I find this rather boring. Let’s utilize the entire home, or let's go outside and shoot in the middle of a secluded open field. These settings will allow you to be yourself and not confined in one room.

5. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS GOING TO BE ALL OVER THE INTERNET: False! In my photo contract with my clients, I state that I won’t share any of their images without their written permission. I respect your privacy 100% and would never break the trust you’ve bestowed on me. What you see online of women I have photographed are clients who have modeled for a specific shoot. And some images are from the client’s actual photo session, which they have granted me full permission to share. Everything I do from start to finish is password-protected.

6. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST A TREND: False! Creating beautiful images of women has been around since the Stone Age, we are just using better tools nowadays (haha!). Boudoir Photography has evolved from Pinups to Glamour Shots, but one thing has never changed: a beautiful image is timeless.

7. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS SOMETHING YOU DO ONCE: False! I have a handful of clients who have returned for a second and even a third boudoir photo session by me. They tell me it’s addicting because they feel pretty good about themselves and they get tastefully done pictures to show for it.

8. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS JUST A GIFT FOR YOUR MAN: False! While many of my clients are brides who come to me for a Bridal Boudoir surprise for their groom on wedding day, it’s not always the only reason women request a boudoir photo session. I love it when a client tells me that she’s doing this for herself because she wants to look back on these images 10, and 20 years from now and say, “Wow, I looked hot!” Some of my clients have just lost a ton of weight so they want to celebrate with a photo session with me. Others want my help to create beautiful images of their changing body as they get closer to their baby’s due date. Most of my clients are nurses who work super long hours taking care of others that they don’t always have the time to take care of themselves. So, this is their day to be well-taken care of. I’ve also had a grandmother book me for a private Girls Next Door Boudoir Party with her grandchildren, she’s also a great-grandmother to their children! Everyone has their own reason for wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot. Whatever your reason, I know it is meaningful to you, and I want to help you celebrate your day in grand style!

9. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS EXPENSIVE: False! There’s a photographer for every budget ... Like anything else you buy, the better the quality the more it costs. For me, I'm not just selling images, I am offering a luxe experience ... The images I create are a byproduct of the overall experience. I want you to walk away from your photo shoot feeling more confident than before you arrived.

10. BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT FOR SHY GIRLS: False! I’ve photographed hundreds of different types of women and I never know what I get until after their hair and makeup is done by one of my professional hair and makeup artists. Yes, everyone is nervous when they first arrive for their session— I get nervous, too! It’s just part of who I am. But, once the hair and makeup is done, it awakens something inside them that maybe they have never seen before or have lost sight of it some time ago. I’ve had a teacher who totally surprised me! She walked in shy, but walked out looking and feeling like a model who belonged on the cover of a magazine. When she saw her pictures, she was beyond thrilled She couldn’t believe it was her. Another one of my shy clients looked so hot that her husband took her “little black book” (an album of 20 of her favorite images) that she gifted to him and showed it to all his co-workers, “Look at MY wife!” Remember, this is an experience for you to cherish. That’s why I do what I do.