Top 10 Questions About Boudoir Photography

Bunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photographer



1. SHOULD I BE NERVOUS? We know you may be getting nervous, but don’t worry because, even though we’re pros at this, we get a little nervous ourselves! It’s really just all the excitement to show you a wonderful time— starting with a little mimosa or wine, and some sweets to help calm your nerves. It’s going to be fun!

2. WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT WHEN I ARRIVE? When you arrive at your scheduled session time, you will be greeted by me personally or my assistant. We will hand you off to our onsite professional hair and makeup artist to start your beauty consultation and finalize your desired look. Don’t worry about bringing your own makeup supply because she will have everything you would possibly need, including the best sexy false eyelashes! But, please be sure your eyebrows are tweezed and take care of any other unwanted hair. (I don’t Photoshop it.) I will provide some music in the background (or you are welcome to bring your own playlist) while you are getting pampered on hair and makeup, sipping on wine/mimosa, and nibbling on fresh fruit that we will provide so consider it a mini spa day and just relax and enjoy it!

3. CAN I BRING A FRIEND OR MY BOYFRIEND? Yes, because this is your own private boudoir photo shoot with me then you are more than welcome to bring your best girl friend or your boyfriend/husband to be your cheerleader. They are welcome to some mimosas, too! ;)

4. COULD YOU BLOW-DRY MY HAIR? Your hair needs to be completely dry upon arrival and, preferably, from the previous day is best especially with left-in hair products. And your face should be washed of all makeup except for moisturizer, if your skin is on the dry side. Important: Please wear something loose for your time in the makeup chair, ie. track suit with a zip front, something that you can easily remove without messing up your finished hair and makeup.

5. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? Think beyond the typical lingerie; Boudoir Photography isn’t just lingerie, that’s Boudoir Photography Myths … If it makes you feel pretty and sensual, then it’s the perfect piece even if it’s just a tee-shirt and boy shorts that you’d wear lounging around on a lazy Sunday morning. But avoid thick fabric because it just adds weight on you; always go for thin and transparent fabric. You can check out my Boudoir Photography Gallery to see what past clients have worn. Or, follow my blog for Boudoir Photo Session Tips.

6. WHEN CAN I EXPECT TO SEE MY IMAGES? Typically, I will have your edited images ready within 14 days. I will present your images to you at my Boudoir Studio, or via Skype with me (if you are not local). You buy whatever you like, there’s no minimum and you’re in control of how much you want to spend. Every print you buy includes the high resolution digital copy of the image so you can print more on your own, or show off your stunning hair and makeup with friends on Facebook!

7. WILL MY PRINTS BE READY BY CHRISTMAS? As mentioned in the previous question, my turnaround is typically 14 days to show your edited images. When you come to my studio to view your images, that is the time when you can place an order for special prints or albums; most items guarantee a delivery between 1-2 weeks. However, if you have a specific timeline then we will have to ensure your photo shoot is done far in advance and include product delivery time.

8. DO YOU USE PHOTOSHOP ON THESE IMAGES? Yes, for all final print orders I do full edits before they get printed in your photo album, canvas wrap or portfolio print. I will retouch any stretch mark or other blemish, unwanted scar or flyaway hair, wrinkles, etc. However, if you want extensive retouching done on your images — such as making your arms (or any other body parts) “skinnier” or smoothing out your wrinkled clothing in Photoshop — then that’s an additional $50 per image.

9. WILL MY IMAGES BE SHARED ONLINE? In my photo contract with my clients, I state that I won’t share any of their images without their written permission. I respect your privacy 100% and would never break the trust you’ve bestowed on me. What you see online of women I have photographed are clients who have modeled for a specific shoot: //Photography for The Girl Next Door. And some images are from the client’s actual photo session, which they have granted me full permission to share.

10. WHAT IF I AM RUNNING LATE … CAN I RESCHEDULE MY SHOOT? Yes, you can but there is a $150 reschedule fee. We will wait for you up to 30 minutes before being forced to reschedule you for another date. I realize circumstances beyond one’s control can prevent you from making it to your photo session on time, but you must understand that missing your session affects the makeup artist’s time and income as well as my own. Hence, the reschedule fee.