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You’ve seen their images in my galleries and on my Facebook and Instagram pages, now get to know the real person behind each of these stunning images. Not a one of them is a professional model — not that you would know it from their photos — but rather, is the average girl next door. Perhaps she is a nurse, doctor, lawyer, news reporter, teacher, hair stylist, television producer, or a hard-working stay-at-home mom … Get to know them and how they came to find themselves in front of my lens.

Bunn Salarzon - beautiful boudoir image of a woman lying down

She may look like a professional model, but she isn't. You may know her ... She is The Girl Next Door.



WHO ARE YOU? I am Carly Jean Birkey and I am a registered nurse on a cardiac/telemetry floor at one of the hospitals here in the Portland area.

WAS THIS YOUR FIRST-EVER BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE? This was my first photo session of any sort! And it's safe to say that it will probably always be my most memorable!

(What motivated you to do it?) I was actually approached by Jein King who was doing amazing work on hair and makeup for my friend's wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids and she just asked me if I would be interested in being a makeup model at some point. I agreed, and then she emailed me about doing a combined project with Bunn as a boudoir shoot at my own house! I was excited but also very nervous as it sounded very intimidating. But then I looked at Bunn's work and absolutely fell in love with it, and couldn't have been more excited!

WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL? (And did you have any fear about it?) Well it's hard to have a boudoir shoot as your first shoot ever! So of course I was reserved about all of that. But Bunn really made it so that it wasn't even about that, she was just capturing the beauty of the photo. It's definitely a skill that comes in handy for boudoir! I had two goals with this shoot. One was that I wanted to capture my youth and fitness— I was training for a marathon and may never be as fit as I was at that time. Also, I bought my house in 2012 and it is a great house to live in as a single woman, but I know that I won't have that house forever. I loved the idea of a shoot in my own home because it created an art piece out of the place I live and love. I didn't really have any fears or concerns— except maybe that I would just be super awkward in all of the photos since I had no experience! But I was having so much fun I would have had a blast either way.


WHAT DID BUNN OR HER TEAM DO TO HELP PUT YOU AT EASE? I think one of the best things she did for the shoot for me was her humor. We had so much fun together— together with Jein, the hair and makeup artist, I felt like we were just a few girlfriends that just got dressed up for the fun of it and took pictures. When I would do or say something ridiculous, it was just part of the fun! And the result was that I felt very relaxed and comfortable with her. I think that shows in the photos.

WOULD YOU DO THIS AGAIN? (And would you recommend this?) I already have, to multiple people! I would absolutely do this again, every day if she wanted me to! Except I should probably keep my day job. ;) For me the most enjoyable part was how beautiful Bunn and Jein made me feel. With every different pose and outfit change they both kept telling me how great it looked, etc. This encouragement was invaluable to how I felt after the shoot was over. Before the shoot, I did think I was pretty. But afterwards, I felt beautiful.

HOW WOULD YOU COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: "Every woman should experience a boudoir photo session with Bunn because..." Because it's worth it just for the experience of feeling absolutely beautiful and it is such a good time— not to mention the incredible photos that you get to keep for the memory! Thanks AGAIN Bunn! I love looking back on these photos. I seriously had so much fun that day!