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I am a Portland-based film photographer who specializes in boudoir and family portrait photography. My blog is intended to help clients get the most out of their boudoir or family photo sessions with me and to provide expert advice to other photographers as well. I welcome questions, comments, and suggestions about my blog. I am also happy to share my blog with other bloggers, particularly those dealing with professional boudoir and portrait photography, travel or any combination thereof.

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At-Home Family Photo Shoots Portland, Oregon

I truly do love at-home family photo shoots; there’s so much more meaning when photographing in someone’s home. I am not known for backgrounds in my photos at all; if anything, I am known for how I seem to connect families in photographs rather than make them look posed or disinterested (in being photographed and/or each other). It’s not always easy to do, though! But, I try. The best way for me to get families to connect in photo is by reenacting how they are naturally without the camera around. And having yummy candies readily available works for when I need to bribe kids— and dads! haha!!

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Hey, Dads! Need Some Mother’s Day Picture Ideas?

So, I know you’re probably frantic at this time of year and, at the last minute, looking for the most perfect picture frame that your little one(s) can hand to mommy— that you’ve carefully gift-wrapped yourself after viewing a few YouTube video tutorials … But, which perfect picture will go in the frame? Does she have any recent images that she loves? How about gifting her a professional photo shoot at home that will result in a collection of great images that she will love and can choose for herself to frame? She can even swap images every day for a month! Well, that is until Father’s Day comes around then she may have to share the frame with you. ;)


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Why I Don’t Show Large Family Group Photos

Confession: A family of three is easiest to work with (for me). Okay, let me explain… I can better visualizeView full post »

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Photo Shoot Spots vs Locations

This family met me at Portland IKEA for their photo shoot… I am looking for new spots for photo shoots withinView full post »

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Shooting for Our Adoption or Fertility Treatments

I am still accepting bookings to help with our adoption journey. Happy New Year!! May 2017 be the best year for youView full post »

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Baby Milk Bath Photos with Mommy

Baby Milk Bath Photos… and Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Photography doesn’t necessarily mean “nakedView full post »

Portland Family Portraits in Oregon Rain… Sneak Peek!

Oh, Oregon Rain! Why must you be so cruel?? This photo shoot was scheduled three weeks ahead, and we prayed it would be pretty and dry on day of the shoot. The day before was just that, but the day of the shoot? It was 100% rain aka torrential downpour! And the next day? No rain. It just doesn’t make any sense!?? So, we had to adapt and quickly because Mother Nature didn’t intend to make it easy on us that day. However, we made magic happen despite the dark clouds.

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Portland Family Portraits with Newborn Baby

Newborn Photography has risen to an astounding level thanks to Anne Geddes and her amazing vision digitally making babies into adorable sunflowers or the cutest little mermaids you ever did see. She makes baby Halloween costumes wearable all year round and mommies love it! I tried and failed at being anything like her; I can’t seem to swaddle a baby and put him in a basket hoping he doesn’t cry because he will cry (they all cry!) especially with me around. I missed my calling as a baby whisperer, that title fits my husband, but he doesn’t know how to use a camera— hence, I am the photographer in the family. I learned that it’s best for me to leave it to my friends who do this style of photography naturally (and with a lot of patience!), and I will just do what I do best which is include the parents and have them hold baby in their arms.

My style of photographing newborns is called Lifestyle Photography where I document the family as they are in their own home (or my studio); I try to capture those in-between moments that often times get overlooked, but should be cherished because they don’t last forever. These moments are when mommy feeds baby or daddy helping baby learn to walk; your first year together will go by so fast and I want to help you remember those tiny baby steps. Of course, I am sure to get those traditional and beautiful smiling portraits for the proud grandparents, too.

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Portland Family Portraits at the Historic Deepwood Estate in Salem

Deena & Sari are first-time parents; they used to live in Salem so we decided to take a little drive south to the Historic Deepwood Estate in Salem, Oregon for summer family portraits with their adorable baby girl. The new parents named their baby after Deena’s late mother Maha, it was actually Sari’s idea … The name is Arabic for an animal (oryx) that’s similar to a deer and known for the beauty in its eyes. I see that and I love that— and I adore them! This was their first professional family photo shoot together, but Deena is no stranger to cameras. She is also a professional photographer whose business, D. Selbak Photography, specializes in weddings and portraiture.

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