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I do accept a select number of destination weddings a year; I have my cameras and passport ready for travel worldwide. (I do not charge for my travels for a few reasons; send me an inquiry about your wedding plans and I’ll explain why!) For all local Portland weddings, please visit my friends at ANIKO Productions … They’re wonderful!!!

I am a Portland-based film photographer who specializes in boudoir and family portrait photography. My blog is intended to help clients get the most out of their boudoir or family photo sessions with me and to provide expert advice to other photographers as well. I welcome questions, comments, and suggestions about my blog. I am also happy to share my blog with other bloggers, particularly those dealing with professional boudoir and portrait photography, travel or any combination thereof.

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The Weather Gods Rain on My Photo Shoots

This is an actual fact.

At first, it was kinda funny… until it wasn’t. A lot of people thought I was just joking… until they realized that I wasn’t. The fact is the weather gods do not like me and always rain on my photo shoots. Did you book an outdoor photo shoot with me? Sorry, but it might rain. Bring an umbrella.

For this particular photo shoot, I had planned it for weeks and weeks prior to flying out to Los Angeles to shoot. My friend Renée tagged along even though she was just there a fews weeks prior for her own photo shoot. She said on the day of her photo shoot in January it was such a beautiful and sunny day as it is on any given day in Southern California. And according to Tony! Toni! Toné!, it never rains there. Until I came along.

It was raining and high winds of 60 mph, breaking rooftops off homes here and there. It was insane!

As we were getting everything ready, plus hair and makeup by Hikari Murakami, we watched news about the chaos that swept the city within minutes. No warning. I drove out to our shoot location on the beach to see if we could still make it work; checked a bike shop about renting a vintage bike for props. It wasn’t going to work, there was just no way we could safely shoot there.

So we headed away from the crazy weather… to Mission San Juan Capistrano. But, they wouldn’t let us shoot inside. Seriously!?

Time was ticking and the weather was barely holding up. What do I do now?! We traveled all this way to create art, but everything is working against us! So, I decided to drop everything— literally! We put everything down on the sidewalk and just started shooting right along the walls of Mission San Juan Capistrano, with oncoming cars, and we just made it work. These are the images I photographed in this narrow spot in, like, 15 minutes. This is what I mean when I look for SPOTS, not an entire location.

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I am still accepting bookings to help with our adoption journey.

Happy New Year!! May 2017 be the best year for you yet.

This new year started off a little stressful for me…
Previously, I had planned to retire from my photography business by March 1 because I felt it’s time for me to pursue something else, also the date will be exactly 10 years since I started the business. Of course, as we all know… life happens. Our second journey to start our own family (after a 10-year hiatus to help my husband take care of his mother living with dementia) through adoption or fertility treatments have become more overwhelming than we had thought so I am making 2017 the year we get to [finally] bring home a child or two, one way or another. Well, the legal way! haha!!! So if you are in need of a professional, experienced — and sweet! — photographer for your special event, wedding, family portraits, boudoir pics, etc., then please let me know. I’d love to work with you again. :)

P.S. I am available worldwide. My passport is always ready!

When I was in Siargao, Philippines, which is the home of Cloud 9, a surfer’s paradise and one of the Top 10 Surfing Destinations in the World, I did a little spontaneous “engagement photo session” for a sweet couple that I just met on the island… Actually, it was a tiny island in the middle of the ocean and it was just the two of us couples. So, they couldn’t really say no to me! haha!! I hadn’t planned on shooting portraits that day so I only brought my Canon 40mm Pancake lens which is wider than I typically shoot. The couple allowed me to pose them as if they were doing lifestyle engagement pictures even though they were not engaged at the time.

It was supposed to be only a 10-minute session, but we ended up hopping around to the same islands so we settled for lunch together in the straw hut they rented and I just kept my camera pointing at them the entire time. I’m sure they were texting their friends of the weird Asian-American girl who is stalking them. But, I think because my husband is also Filipino it made them trust me a little more. ;) Lifestyle images are what I love that showcase the couple’s time together; we got enough smile-at-the-camera photos so that’s when I like to focus on the editorial style stuff. It’s like looking at a page from their travel journey in pictures… We get to be a part of their adventure like a fly on the wall. It was as if I was their personal vacation photographer, and I like the sound of that!

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Indonesian Wedding Photography Featured on!’s “45 Fascinating Wedding Traditions from Around the World” and we are number 20; hey, being the middleman isn’t bad. When they initially contacted me to feature this Indonesian Wedding Photography on their website, I was a little surprised because I went to Bali to photograph this wedding… five years ago this month. However, I still continue to get inquiries about it and I do not mind it at all! As a matter-of-fact, I am open to accepting destination wedding assignments again. Again? Yes. Wedding was something that I decided to part from in 2014, but, to be honest, I never fully “retired” from it because I still had a few weddings to honor and, also, I was assisting another Portland wedding photography company. Maybe this is a sign??

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Wedding Photographer: Bunn Salarzon | Venue/Florals: Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villas & Spa (Bali, Indonesia) | Wedding Favors: Garnis Silver Jogjakarta | Dresses: Inca Rosalyn Boutique | Hair+Makeup: Momiji Makeup Artist & Co | Men’s Wear: Suits from Diamon Wedding | Cupcakes: Sanischa Arbi | Cinematographer: Phoeben Teocson Cinema (I’d like to introduce to you the amazing Same-Day Wedding Edit Slideshow by Phoeben Teocson Cinema.)


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Swimsuit Editorial Style at Mission San Juan Capistrano

The Weather Gods Rain on My Photo Shoots This is an actual fact. At first, it was kinda funny… until itView full post »

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Shooting for Our Adoption or Fertility Treatments

I am still accepting bookings to help with our adoption journey. Happy New Year!! May 2017 be the best year for youView full post »

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Modeling in Siargao Island, Philippines (not me!)

When I was in Siargao, Philippines, which is the home of Cloud 9, a surfer’s paradise and one of the Top 10View full post »

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Portland Indian Wedding Photography – Part 1

Portland Indian Wedding Photography at The Water Oasis I quit accepting weddings in Spring 2014, then in Fall 2014 myView full post »

Portland Indian Wedding Photography at The Water Oasis

I quit accepting weddings in Spring 2014, then in Fall 2014 my friend told me that the photographer quit on this Bride & Groom just weeks prior to their multi-day wedding. When I heard that, I had to get to know their story. So, I met with the Bride & Groom to see if we would be a good fit together… Within moments after leaving my studio, they told me that they wanted me as their wedding photographer. Awe!! As stressful as photographing weddings can be, which is one of the reasons why I’ve stopped offering wedding photography services, I just couldn’t leave this couple without having an experienced photographer to document the beautiful wedding they had planned.

Wedding Photographer: Bunn Salarzon | Venue: The Water Oasis (Newberg, Oregon) | Wedding Coordinator: Savvy Sisters | Florals: Bella Bloom Florals | Makeup & Hair: Mode du Jour | Wedding Cake: Custom Cakes | Rentals: Barclay Event Rentals & Design | Catering: Mayahuel Catering | Entertainment: Encore Mobile DJs

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