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Black & White photography of women, especially boudoir images, is classic and timeless, and makes everything even more beautiful than when viewed in just color. The muted tones allow us to see the entire story within an image without the distraction of bright colors, and everything is neutral and softer on the eyes. I like to mix up a single photo collection in color or black and white using only the version that says the most without saying a single word.

Bunn Salarzon - best nine instagram 2016

I am still accepting bookings to help with our adoption journey.

Happy New Year!! May 2017 be the best year for you yet.

This new year started off a little stressful for me…
Previously, I had planned to retire from my photography business by March 1 because I felt it’s time for me to pursue something else, also the date will be exactly 10 years since I started the business. Of course, as we all know… life happens. Our second journey to start our own family (after a 10-year hiatus to help my husband take care of his mother living with dementia) through adoption or fertility treatments have become more overwhelming than we had thought so I am making 2017 the year we get to [finally] bring home a child or two, one way or another. Well, the legal way! haha!!! So if you are in need of a professional, experienced — and sweet! — photographer for your special event, wedding, family portraits, boudoir pics, etc., then please let me know. I’d love to work with you again. :)

P.S. I am available worldwide. My passport is always ready!

Classic Black and White Boudoir Photography

Through my black and white boudoir photography, each image is forced to speak for itself. Lighting and composition simply complement each subject, creating images of timeless beauty that you will love to share. //Model: Jarin //Shoot Location: In her home. //Hair & Makeup by Jein King

Bunn Salarzon - classic pinup poseBunn Salarzon - woman sitting on office deskBunn Salarzon - black and white picturesBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman lying down reading bookBunn Salarzon - beautiful brunette checking herself in mirrorBunn Salarzon - black and white images of brunette doing hair in mirrorBunn Salarzon - gorgeous woman sitting on floorBunn Salarzon - brunette adjusting black lingerieBunn Salarzon - black and white boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - sexy photos of woman in black lingerieBunn Salarzon - lovely woman lying on bed in black lingerie

Black and White Boudoir Photography?

Sometimes the simplicity of wearing all black on a white background can give a classic feel, too. Our eyes are not so distracted by many colors but just a few tones and that’s all it needs to make a statement. //Model: Chrystal //Shoot Location: In studio. //Hair & Makeup by Powder Inc.

Bunn Salarzon - beautiful blonde woman in black lingerieBunn Salarzon - gorgeous blonde woman lying in black tulleBunn Salarzon - black and white boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - stunning blonde woman lying on white bedBunn Salarzon - black and white boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - ballerina woman in black tutuBunn Salarzon - blonde woman in black leotard and tutu