Baby Milk Bath Photos with Mommy

Bunn Salarzon - baby milk bath photos with mommy

Baby Milk Bath Photos… and Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography doesn’t necessarily mean “naked woman in a bedroom,” of course, that’s been the trend which has defined how boudoir photography is nowadays. A boudoir really is just a French word meaning “a woman’s bedroom” and I’ve photographed hundreds of sensual photo shoots inside some form of boudoir, but I always look forward to doing boudoir photography the non-traditional way and outside the bedroom, ie. baby milk bath photos with mommy in the bathtub. No flower petals? Sometimes I am too simple to a fault… but, I don’t apologize for it, I embrace it. A milk bath photo shoot with mama and baby, that’s all.


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Photo Shoot Spots vs Locations

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Shooting for Our Adoption or Fertility Treatments

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Newborn Photo Shoots at Home

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