“Dudeoir” Photography Portland – Part 1

Bunn Salarzon - boudoir photography portland dudeoir photos

Sneak Peek! (Dudeoir) Boudoir Photography Portland, Oregon

David was the first “Dudeoir” in my new studio this past weekend. First thing I made him do was install my window blinds and change a light bulb … Hey, I’m 5’5″-ish and he’s 6’2″ that whole foot helped a lot! haha! And he cleaned up pretty nicely if I may add. ;) Okay, fine. So he’s not showing much skin for “Dudeoir”— if any. But, this was the first outfit we shot him in … There are more photos to come aka “less clothes” photos. Yeah!! Hope y’all are ready for the “Dudeoir” version of Bunn’s Boudoir!! Fellas, I’m ready whenever you are. (Cohiba cigars not included!)