Meet the Girl Next Door: Jennifer

Bunn Salarzon - brunette posing on beach in hawaii

She may look like a professional model, but she isn't. You may know her ... She is The Girl Next Door.



WHO ARE YOU? I am a mom of 3 and wife who happens to be a pro photog based in Honolulu, Hawaii. My mother is Thai and my father is Filipino.

WAS THIS YOUR FIRST-EVER BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE? First time with Bunn, and she made me do it [because she was visiting Oahu].

WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL? (And did you have any fear about it?) None, I'm game... but I am self conscience in front of the camera; that I would look like a dork like I always do. But I think all women are their own worst critic and will always point out the faults in their bodies before pointing out the good stuff. [Goal] To help build up Bunn's film portfolio.


WOULD YOU DO THIS AGAIN? (And would you recommend this?) ...every woman should have this kind of experience. (I dunno [if I would do it again.])

HOW WOULD YOU COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: "Every woman should experience a boudoir photo session with Bunn because..." Bunn is fun to work with and has a great eye for boudoir photography that is fresh and different from everybody else's.