Meet the Girl Next Door: Jarin

Bunn Salarzon - pretty brunette in black lingerie

She may look like a professional model, but she isn't. You may know her ... She is The Girl Next Door.



WHO ARE YOU? I’m Jarin. I do all sorts of things, some of which are hiking, sailing, and painting. My nationality is mixed, but mostly Portuguese/Irish.

WAS THIS YOUR FIRST-EVER BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE? (What motivated you to do it?) Yes, my very first. Someone had suggested it to me, so I figured, why not just give it a shot? I’m so glad that I did.

WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL? To challenge myself. I don’t like that I’m uncomfortable in front of a camera, so I wanted to see if I could overcome that. Success! Thank you, Bunn and team! (And did you have any fear about it?) Being photographed! I’ve always been camera shy and pretty uncomfortable with being in the spotlight. The very few times I’d done any kind of modeling no one had told me what to do, how to stand, where to look, etc., I was afraid it might be like that again. I was also concerned that I might not photograph well.

WOULD YOU DO THIS AGAIN? (And would you recommend this?) Absolutely! I would totally recommend this to a friend. It is so important to value yourself inside and out. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to appreciate myself on the outside and I LOVE my photos. (Hair & Makeup by Jein King)


WHAT DID BUNN OR HER TEAM DO TO HELP PUT YOU AT EASE? Bunn and her team immediately made me feel relaxed. By chatting, having coffee and laughing, and discussing what kinds of poses and looks we could do. I loved that they helped me pick my outfits and made me feel not just beautiful but also HOT!

(What was the most enjoyable aspect of the shoot?) Feeling at ease in front of the camera which was a big deal for me. I didn’t feel any judgement or negativity from anyone, which was crucial for me and allowed me to relax and be myself. I think the level of comfortability and confidence Bunn and her team encourage is absolutely necessary for photos that are both beautiful and honest.

HOW WOULD YOU COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: "Every woman should experience a boudoir photo session with Bunn because..." Oh that’s simple. Every woman should experience a boudoir photo session with Bunn because she knows how to make women feel comfortable/confident, two musts for great pics!