Tasteful Boudoir Photography

Tasteful Boudoir Photography is NOT a Taboo

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, “Why don’t you do boudoir photography at The Nines Hotel anymore?” My answer is this: What I do is tasteful and empowering for women, yet most hotels treat it as though it is taboo. I am too grown up to tiptoe around as if I’m ashamed of what I do— I am not. So I’ve basically checked out of using fancy hotels for my boudoir settings. I take great pride in being able to create beautiful boudoir photography that can be shot in my studio or in the comfort of your own home (provided I have adequate light, etc). Who needs room service anyhow?? //Model: Caroline, shot on location in Houston, Texas.

These images are 100% un-retouched because Caroline didn’t need it. She has CONFIDENCE. //Makeup by Lynda Esparza (Hollywood’s elite celebrity makeup artist).

Bunn Salarzon - beautiful shot of woman leaning on wall

Bunn Salarzon - tasteful boudoir photography in houstonBunn Salarzon - sexy woman posing on chairBunn Salarzon - woman dancing on bedBunn Salarzon - woman with curve sitting on floorBunn Salarzon - curvy woman sitting on balconyBunn Salarzon - curvy woman in classy boudoir posesBunn Salarzon - stunning shot of woman standing on balconyBunn Salarzon - curvy woman sitting on bedBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman with purple hair dancing on bed