Portland Boudoir Photography – Part 1

Portland Boudoir Photography (REDEFINED)

It is my goal to redefine Boudoir Photography: Women are naturally soft which is why I love the softness of film and why I prefer not to sharpen my final boudoir pictures … We women are perfect just the way we are, like Jessica. In addition to shooting boudoir on film, my boudoir photography style is more organic, moving with the way a woman’s body moves and not force her in to awkward poses. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with other photography styles this is just how I wish to handle my style.

Bunn Salarzon - headshot of a beautiful asian womanBunn Salarzon - woman with green hair sitting on bedBunn Salarzon - sexy woman sitting on kitchen counterBunn Salarzon - woman sitting behind windowBunn Salarzon - stunning woman lying on bedBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman smilingBunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - gorgeous fit woman in sports jersey shirtBunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - woman with arm tattoo lying on sofaBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman sitting on sofa with white dogBunn Salarzon - woman with blue hair laughingBunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photography