Mounty & Michael’s Beautiful Wedding in Puerto Rico

Festive Wedding Photography Puerto Rico Style!

What a better way to start my 2014 wedding year… and end it?

Yes, it’s true: I am no longer accepting weddings as I pursue another chapter in my business which is Boudoir Photography, including Bridal Boudoir. My first and “last” wedding this year took me all the way to Puerto Rico where I had the honor to document Mounty & Michael’s romantic wedding in Old San Juan at Hotel El Convento. I’ve known the bride since she was just the super shy new girl in town; now, she’s like a little sister to me. I adore her so much even when she gives her other big sisters and me grief— that’s what little sisters do! Luckily, we all still love her a lot. ;) ¡Felicidades, Mounty y Michael! Les deseamos a ambos toda la felicidad del mundo!

Bunn Salarzon - wedding photography puerto rico

Mounty is the kind of person who is always there for you, always. And. No. Matter. How. She was there for me as a bridesmaid on my own wedding day 12 years ago; so, it makes me beyond happy that I was able to be there for her on her wedding day. This video highlights some of the best moments that we all shared together that day: Puerto Rico Wedding Video at Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan … Enjoy it with us as we relive those memories over and over again! (And it was a hot day, oy!)

Wedding Photographer: Bunn Salarzon | Wedding Planner: Maria A. Lugo | Venue: Hotel El Convento (Old San Juan, Puerto Rico) | Officiant: Pastor Cory Casterton | DJ Entertainment: DJ Sugar PDX | Live Band: Grupo Yuvi Plena | Ceremony Music: Pancho Irizarry | Photo Booth: PartyBooth PR | Hair & Makeup: DIDI | Wedding Cake: Little Cupcake Shop | Florist: Lorraine’s Flowers | Gown: Charlotte’s Weddings & More | Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Bunn Salarzon - wedding photography puerto rico

  • Sera Petras - Gorgeous!!04/22/2014 – 11:46 AMReplyCancel

  • christina - exciting! congrats on the new venture, bunn!04/22/2014 – 10:05 AMReplyCancel

  • Jenny Owens - Awe, it’s a shame you are stopping weddings Bunn, but what a wedding to start and end your 2014 season with! Love the video. Goodluck with your new venture.04/22/2014 – 2:51 AMReplyCancel

  • jody savage - oh what a beautiful image, and good luck in your next chapter!!!04/21/2014 – 6:29 PMReplyCancel

  • Rachel May - It’s a beautiful shot! I’m sure whatever path you take next will be full of life and beauty!04/21/2014 – 12:51 PMReplyCancel

  • Trish Barker - Here’s to your awesome talent and where you’re taking it next! Cheers!04/21/2014 – 12:24 PMReplyCancel

  • Meghan Boyer - Such a great shot and good for you for growing so beautifully in your work. :)04/21/2014 – 10:17 AMReplyCancel

  • Lisa O'Dwyer - Excited to hear what the future holds for you! All the best!04/21/2014 – 10:07 AMReplyCancel

  • wendy laurel - good luck in your next chapter!! and lovely wedding04/21/2014 – 9:31 AMReplyCancel

  • Kham - Excellent job, Bunn! I have seen you grow throughout the years and like I have said before, “You never cease to amaze me with your talents!” <304/17/2014 – 6:01 PMReplyCancel

  • Victor - What a great time! So much Love was in the air! And lots of wine… love and wine! Thank you for this video Bunn! Good luck in your new adventure!04/17/2014 – 3:38 PMReplyCancel

  • Rita - BEAUTIFUL!!! thank you for sharing! each time i view pics and videos I relive the amazing 4 days I shared with this beautiful couple, Mounty and my son Michael:-) thank you so much Bunn… absolutely great job!!!!04/17/2014 – 7:35 AMReplyCancel

  • Mounty - Bunn, thank you again! I’m so honored that you dedicated so much energy in capturing the best moments and ensuring the outcome was beautiful! I’m especially honored that you did our wedding before you “retired” from weddings. :) l love you and I love the video!04/17/2014 – 4:55 AMReplyCancel

  • Leann - Absolutely beautiful. I told myself I wouldn’t cry but you got me. Thank you for sharing.04/16/2014 – 10:42 PMReplyCancel

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