Feature Post: Awesome Costumes of Kumoricon

Awesome Costumes Ideas for Halloween?

(What to Do in Oregon?)

Actually, these are random photos that I captured from Kumoricon 2013; an annual anime convention held at Hilton Vancouver Washington for their truest followers … Every year on Labor Day weekend, these talented individuals in very impressive costumes roam Esther Short Park, nearby where I live, and it’s always a treat to see what they come up with each year. Next time, come join us and bring your kids because they’ll love all the creative costumes— don’t forget your camera!

Bunn Salarzon - scary yellow and black alien girlBunn Salarzon - the legend of zelda costumeBunn Salarzon - fair elf playing piano in the parkBunn Salarzon - mad hatter girl at the parkBunn Salarzon - awesome costumes at kumoricon 2013Bunn Salarzon - awesome costumes at kumoricon 2013Bunn Salarzon - green monster girl with hornsBunn Salarzon - blue wizard costume ideas